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Print Packaging is in our DNA, – our focus continues to be on performance and deliverance.

We understand the real value comes from a partner in print, not just a supplier – and we have cultivated a best-in-class team to develop the right solution for your business. From the moment we meet, our team personally assist you with understanding the print plan, time frame and delivery objectives. With the client experience always being front of mind, we have created an online portal Platypus Connect to follow your production in real time.

Tom Lusch


Aaron Lusch

General Manager

Andrew Shailer

Account manager

Ashneel Pratap

Account manager

Iain Fiddes

Sales Coordinator

Chris O'Connor

Compliance Coordinator

Oliver Poupardin

Account Manager

Andrea Whinnett

Account manager

Rene Jespersen

Account Manager

Shelby Hockings


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