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Great design starts with a solid foundation

Platypus supplies folding cartons to the food, beverage, pharma, pet, personal care, automotive and household goods industries.

We design cartons that are functional, fit for purpose and assemble seamlessly on your production line. We also consider the environmental impact and plan our designs to yield minimal waste using the APCO sustainable packaging guidelines.

We can provide you with the certainty that you need before going to production by providing key lines, unprinted samples, digitally printed concepts, 3D imaging and short run manufacturing trials.

If you have a product that needs sustainable packaging, we have the solution.

Carton Styles

Reverse Tuck End

Tuck in top and bottom

Same Panel Tuck End Carton

Tuck in top

Crash Lock Carton

Tuck in top; Crash Lock bottom

Hand Lock Carton

Tuck in top; H Lock bottom

Standard Skillet Carton

Display Carton

Tucks in top; Crash Lock bottom

Postal Mailer Carton

Two roll sides; Tuck in ears

Postal Lock Carton

Web Corner Tray


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Eco Friendly

As an ISO 14001 Environment certified company we practice sustainability wherever possible.

Environmental Policy


Platypus Print Packaging maintains independently audited HACCP food safety certification.

Food Safety Policy


Fully aligned to ISO standards, our IMS is implemented across our organisation and verified by independent third party certification bodies

Quality Policy

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