Great design starts with a solid foundation

Brand packaging that
stands out and sells

Platypus supplies printed folding cartons to numerous industries. We design packaging with integrity, that is functional for the end-user and fit for purpose to assemble seamlessly on your production line.

We also consider the environmental impact of production and plan all our designs to yield minimal waste. We reference the sustainable packaging guidelines to help our customers reach their APCO targets.

Our packaging design team can supply you with key-line drawings, CAD cut samples on the actual stock, digitally printed samples and even short run manufacturing trials.

If you have a product that needs packaging, we have the solution.

Reverse Tuck End

Tuck in top and bottom

Same Panel Tuck End Carton

Tuck in top

Crash Lock Carton

Tuck in top; Crash Lock bottom

Hand Lock Carton

Tuck in top; H Lock bottom

Display Carton

Tucks in top; Crash Lock bottom

Postal Mailer Carton

Two roll sides; Tuck in ears

Postal Lock Carton
Standard Skillet Carton
4 Corner Glue


6 Corner Glue


Clam Shell - Burger